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“I hate sand”: Surf & Sales X


“I hate sand.” This is an objection Scott Leese and I received 2x in the last 2 weeks regarding Surf and Sales.

Needless to say, that one caught us off guard.

And then we marinated in the objection.

We asked them what it means?

We asked them if they prefer the mega-conferences in Des Moines (they don’t).

We asked them their favorite things about being part of sales communities.

And then we were able to explain how they get all of their favorite things, plus more, at Surf & Sales.

We explained that not everyone even surfs (or wants to).

We explained that some people don’t even want to go in the water.

We explained the lifelong bonds are created.

We explained how the variety of roles, even some marketing and product folks, attend.

We explained the infamous “closing hammock”. If you MUST take a sales call, do it in the hammock. Everyone closes in that hammock. And yes, that’s a true story.

We explained how people get hired.

And, we explained how over $2m in side hustle business starts there.

So, whatever excuse you have for not attending, stop believing the lies in your head and put down your deposit for Surf & Sales X.


Richard and Scott

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