Respect Contract

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Earn The Right To Ask Questions

In sales, especially inside sales, establishing rapport and mutual respect between a potential client and the sales rep is often taken for granted or considered natural instinct. The reality is quite different. Reps often put their prospects and clients so high on a pedestal that they are unable to get the answers to the most important questions in the sales cycle.

We train your sales team on how to create a mutual level of respect, while avoiding falling into a parent/child relationship where they feel weak and intimidated. We improve their courage and confidence so they know how to earn the right to ask questions. Your team will walk away with:

  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Ability to Level the Playing Field
  • Get a “Yes” or “No”
  • Stop Chasing “Maybe”
  • How to “professionally” break-up with time-wasters
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Adult : Adult Business Relationships

It is essential to teach sales associates how to quickly gain the trust and respect of potential clients so that they may be able to ask the difficult questions related to budgets, expansions, pains, and concerns. However, the first two minutes of meeting someone will determine the relationship status from adult:adult or child:adult.  Through the Respect Contract Training Course the Harris Consulting Group discusses common missteps that sales associates often fall into and train associates to have the confidence and set up the authority to ask anything from the clients. The goal is to remove the awkward sales associate and customer anxiety in the first sales calls so that a meaningful first conversation can progress and determine if business discussion should continue.

Respect Contract Training Goals:

  • How to earn the right to ask questions
  • Giving the Sales Associates Confidence and Courage
  • Correct Timing
  • Introductions
  • Reason For Call
  • Agenda For Call
  • Potential of Results From Call
  • Mini Contract
  • Walking out the door with a proven script (Yes a Script and You Do Use One)