Sales Community: The Dumbest $500k Idea Ever


This is the story of how one dumb idea made over $500,000 (and built an amazing sales community).

It was 2017, and Scott Leese and I were walking off the beach with our families in Costa Rica.

He turns and says,

“Hey, how come we have to go to the middle of nowhere to stay at a Hampton Inn or go to a big city and pay massive amounts to be with 100,000 people for a sales conference?

Why can’t someone do something here?”

And I said, “I don’t know, why don’t you do it?”

He says, “Ok, why don’t you help me?”

A few months later…

I come back to Scott and say, “I was thinking of doing a podcast and wonder if it would be better if we did it together? And, what if we did it Netflix style. We record a bunch of episodes and then release all at once?”

And he said, “Let’s do it.”

This is how Surf & Sales (the podcast and the sales community) was born. Don’t let impostor syndrome convince you to not try something.

You may be walking away from $500,000.

Surf and Sales X is happening in November and December.

Catch the latest episodes of Surf and Sales Podcasts here

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