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The average person has about 5 people on their personal board of directors.

And lots of times they are not helpful.

These are the ones in your mind who constantly critique, judge, comment, and influence you day in and day out.

They are often:

The Skeptic – The one who says, “Yeah but…” everytime you have a positive thought.

The Parent – The one where it is often a male or female tone of criticism that makes you feel like a child for thinking something so positive.

The Hope-ier – The one who tries to break through the noise with positive thoughts and ideas.

The Time Bandit – The one who says that’s a great idea, but allows other less important things to take priority over the stuff you really want to do.

Now, there is good news.

You get to vote out and vote in those folks who are on your board of directors.

And you can start RIGHT NOW!

With all the layoffs, additional pressures, and challenges we are working with three fabulous leaders, Kevin Gaither, Larry Long Jr., and Scott Leese, to help those who want to help themselves, and yup, it’s free.

We have started SLC (aka Sales Leadership Coaching). This is a new 2x/month live Q&A for sales leaders. It’s a place to learn all the things we are never taught as sales leaders. Essentially, it’s office hours for sales leaders to ask questions, get advice. And no, we will NOT record this because we need to create a safe place for some tough conversations. Check out our upcoming events section here to keep an eye on upcoming Sales Leadership Coaching sessions.

If you don’t know Kevin Gaither (KG) yet, you should. He’s the 45th-ish employee at ZipRecruiter and scaled it to over 400 person sales team.

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