SDR Promotion Request

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Your SDR team is passionate.

Your SDR team is hungry.

Your SDR team wants to be promoted…

Every 2 weeks.

They are getting recruited all the time.

Let’s tackle this head-on. And yes, we know “it depends”.

First and foremost you need to have a clear path on paper that can be explained in the interview process. Remember, this is a path and guideline, it doesn’t mean you cannot deviate from it should some show the ability and skills worthy of a promotion. 

We recommend including specific milestones that must be met. Hitting quota, like a number of meetings set. A number of sales calls they sit in on, self-reliance to learn more than what you will teach them, books they should read, running sales meetings, building and running reports, and having them explain them to you. Additionally, you could have them help you with the mundane tasks that all managers must do. Show them it’s not all butterflies and roses. 

Be sure you cover this in your interview. Make sure you position the conversation around their career desires and goals. Ask them questions about what drives them internally for career growth. Yeah, we probably know the answer. But here’s the thing. Asking them shows you are interested in them. It shows you care more about them as a human, more than just part of the revenue machine. Finally, make sure that promotions are based on merit and achievement, not simply tenure.

Ok, so you didn’t position it well in the interview, or maybe you did, and they are still asking. 

Chances are they are being recruited. You should expect this, and you should be willing to discuss it. In many cases, it’s as much about the money as it is the promotion. If you are not paying the market rate, you will lose people. This could require an internal conversation within your org that would be an entirely different post. 

So what do you do?

  1. Review your place in the market. Are you at the top, middle or bottom?
  2. Remind folks of the milestones required.
  3. Show them where they sit in accomplishing those milestones.
  4. Remind folks that promotions are based on merit, not just tenure.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

When they leave it will be for:

  • Money
  • New Opportunities
  • Better Management (yeah, that may sting)
  • Better Coaching
  • Better Training
  • Better Product or Service

The only perfect answer to the SDR promotion request and this sales team challenge is simply to know where you fit in the current market. Having a strong path forward. And having an open dialogue with your team. Have questions about this? Contact us here.

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