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Personal One on One Connections

The Harris Consulting Group teaches your sales team how to incorporate social selling into the prospecting and sales cadence of the sales process. Traditional emails and phone calls can quickly burn the runway and scorch the earth for potential sales leads.  Through Richard’s training the sales team is taught how social selling incorporates personalization of turning cold leads into warm leads.

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Connect To Customers Socially
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Natural Sales Process

Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter are the common platforms used to develop a social selling program.  The Harris Consulting Group first assists clients with understanding and identifying their ideal customer profile.  Through the sales training program the ideal customer profile is then used to identify which social media platforms will provide the best connections to reach potential clients.

Sales teams who utilize social selling achieve a higher level of success as potential clients are highly selected and initial communication can be far more direct in nature.   This allows for a more natural sales process to occur, instead of the traditional hard sells and cold calls. This targeted marketing also allows for a better brand response and increased customer loyalty.  Social selling does not only revolve around the sales process, but it also helps sales teams build their own strong personal brand. This makes it an extension of the social business.