Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Define Your Ideal Customer Profile

Extrapolating the Ideal Customer Profile of a company can sound like a tedious task.  While most companies and SAAS organizations have a general idea of the ideal customer profile, it is essential to directly outline to the sales team and marketing team the makeup and demographics of the ideal customer profile.  From our experience with Sales Training we have found that many organizations don’t know their ideal customer profile and also don’t know how the ideal customer profile relates to the various sales roles: Inside Sales, SDR, and Field Sales.

Hundreds of hours and countless dollars are wasted every year marketing or selling to people who will never be your customers. Your product or service may be amazing, but if it is not reaching the customers in your total addresssable market or if your inside sales teams are courting the wrong prospects, then your revenue and ROI will collapse.

At the Harris Consulting Group we continually stress – Give Your Sales Team the Tools To Succeed – and this means defining for them the Ideal Customer Profile. We fully believe in the 80/20 rule, that 80% of a companies profits will be generated by 20% of their customer base.  From this 20% is where the Ideal Customer Profile is created.

Ideal Customer Profile Key Points

Capitalize on the 20% 20
Average Sales Cycle – 79 Days 79
Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) – $125,000 25
Lifetime Value (LTV) – $375,000 83
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