Total Addressable Market  (TAM)

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Define Your Market Share!

At the Harris Consulting Group we help our clients focus strategic marketing and sales efforts by defining the total available market for a specific product or service. This is known as the Total Addressable Market or TAM and is essential to providing revenue opportunity.  More specifically the total addressable market is the business opportunities available for a given product/service.

By defining the total addressable market we are defining the ideal market for a customer and a product/service.  With this knowledge it is possible to start understanding which factors limit or allow for expansion in reaching those customers.  This may sound important only to new companies and startups, but it is just as important for established companies and SAAS defining gains or loses of market share.

In order to accurately define a company’s total addressable market, the Harris Consulting Group provides the insight and years of experience in understanding market constraints like competition and distribution challenges.  The limiting factors for a company’s market expansion are called the serviceable available market (SAM).  Most companies will not reach their full serviceable available market due to poor sales training, marketing, or other factors.  These factors define the true market share a company commands and allows for areas of company growth in the future.

The Harris Consulting Group works with you to better align sales and marketing effort so that you can maximize your revenue from your TAM, SAM, and ICP.

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Let's Get Started

Define Your Market, Grow Market Share

  • Calculate Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Define Market Specific Limitations
  • Expanding Market Share Through Sales Training
  • Faster Scaling Ability With Higher ROI
  • Track Market Trends For Competitive Advantages
  • Identify Emerging Market Growth Potential