Surf and Sales S1E50 – I’m coin-operated with Max Altschuler of

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Max has been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, and experienced life. We discussed everything from traveling through 80 countries, what it takes to onboard in a remote environment, and why he switched from Architecture to Sales.

On top of all of that, you will hear some other amazing stories including:

  • How to make your sales stack hyper logical
  • What jelly-beans have to do with a sales stack
  • Favorite tools these days: Confluence, Showpad, Highspot,, bombora for intent data, 6-sense, Open Sense, Signature Tracking, Drift, intercom, Grammarly, Slack, loom, Vidyard
  • The most interesting place I’ve been out of visiting 80 countries
  • Which is better doing it right or doing it fast
  • Why the 1-year cliff and 4-year vest is completely wrong for heads of sales.

Check out this episode!

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