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The Moments In-Between

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It’s the little things that matter most.

After hosting 4 #SurfandSales events, and attending countless other #sales conferences, here is the most important thing I can offer:

Enjoy “The Moments In-Between”.

The conference sessions are good of course, content is king. But remember, Context is the Kingdom.

For me, so much of that context comes from the discussions around the sessions, “in-between”.

When you ask the person next to you, “So what did you think?” and then have a conversation.

When you see or hear someone say something that makes you want to walk up to them and say, “Hey, I heard what you said, and I’d like to chat with you.”

That moment when you are socializing, run into someone you’ve known on LinkedIn and finally get to have a conversation and learn you both have a passion for pickleball or love watching curling in the Olympics.

So as the sales conference season kicks back into gear please focus on the “in-between moments”.

Hint 1 – Boozing is not the type of “in-between” I am talking about, #DontOverBoozeIt

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