To Script or Not to Script, That Is the Question


Every. Single. Sales. Person. Uses. Scripts. Daily.



Remember, there is a difference between having a script and sounding scripted. Nobody should sound scripted, ever.

That being said, every rep I know and teach, uses repetitive words over and over at different points in their conversation. Those are scripts. Might they change 10% each time, sure. 

There is no way you can do a completely different demo every time and be good at it.

There is no way you can do completely different disco calls every single time. 

Let me go one step further. As a sales leader, manager, director, VP of Sales, CRO, etc., I would never let someone, regardless of age, with no sales experience, to simply “figure it out”. That’s not leadership, that’s lazy. 

Can they get creative later? Sure. They should absolutely find their own authentic voice. The challenge is, nobody knows that early on. 

By early on, I also mean someone with 10 years experience, and moving from one company to the next. They need to understand how to shift their experience(s) based on a new customer, market, product, service. And they will use scripts to get there. 

#LongLiveSalesScripts. What’s your opinion on scripts? Let us know in the comments.

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