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% Of Women Physicians 34.3%
% Of Women In Congress 18.5%
% of Women On Fortune 500 Board Seats 17.9%
% of Women US Population 51.8%

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Women have made significant progress

(Scroll over each box to see the stat.)

Medical Degrees

% Of Women Graduates for Medical Degrees

Master's Degrees

% Of Women Graduates for Master's Degrees

U.S. Labor Force

% Of Women Working In U.S. Labor Force

Professional Jobs

% Of Women In Professional Level Jobs

However, The Statistics For Female Leadership Are Far Different

Fortune 500 CEOs

% Of Women Fortune 500 CEOs

Executive Officers

% Of Women as Executive Officers

Top Earners

% Of Women As Top Earners

Creative Directors

% Of Women Creative Directors In Advertising

While women control 80% of consumer spending!

The Harris Consulting Group: XX FACTOR

We recognize there are distinct differences between men and women in business.

Furthermore we think these differences should be discussed and the strengths identified.

Recent Blog Posts

Sales Slump Buster Tips

Zero, nada, a big fat donut. That was my October this year.

October 2019 marks the first month in 4 years that I was not on a plane to see a client and did not have a client locally.

So, I am going to do what most in sales are afraid to do. I am going to talk about it.

Impostor syndrome is real, no matter who you are or how long you have been doing it.

Here is how I handled it.

First I looked at what’s been happening in the last few months and found the things that changed.

1) A website lead form malfunction that occurred over the summer which slowed the pipeline down. This is on me for not doing something sooner about it.

2) I started sharing some thoughts around #mentalhealth in sales and wondered if that scared people away. Possibly, but that’s ok, they will come around. Mental health will be the biggest recruiting issue companies face in 2020, 2021, and beyond.

3) Competition – Things are getting “spicy” in the consulting world.

So I had to move forward. I did, I doubled down on my own process.

Check out the 10 things I’ve done to change my world. Some on my own, others with help from Scott Leese and Betts Recruiting starting next week!

I hosted my first live training in Austin Texas on November 6 with my good friend Scott Leese. It went smashingly well.

I made changes to my cold/warm outreach programs and started seeing positive returns.

I will be making a major announcement with a new partner for 2020 in the coming weeks, although it may have been announced by the time this is posted.

Launched my newsletter, “Richard’s Thoughts”.

Wrote the next 13 weeks of blog posts and tee’d them up!

Added new services to our offerings including process creation and audit, cold call bootcamps, and management training courses

I’ve launched new packages to our online sales training that includes special pricing and 1:1 time live coaching.

And this is probably the most important, I’ve been using meditation via @headspace to improve specifically around focus and calming the mind. This alone has provided the clarity I needed to drive 1-9

Guess what, I went from zero to hero. I went from nothing in October, to having my second best month of my business in 6 years. No, that’s not from sandbagging.

Looking back on it now, almost every one of those things I did felt like a HUGE risk. I was obviously suffering from impostor syndrome in sales.

Now looking back, I think, “Wow, all those things were so easy to do, I just had to stop overthinking them and do them.”

Some were “harder” than others of course, but in the end, I was the one holding me back, nobody else.

How do you work your way out of a slump?

All those Powerpoints at your SKO suck, and here’s why.

First off, no, it’s not too late for this post, although many may think so. If you’re one of them, don’t read any further, it’s ok. It won’t hurt my feelings. Buh-bye now.

If you are still reading, then it tells me you care. You care about your team, you care about yourself, and you care about your company.

Do not let your #SKO become a presentation of presentations or a Parade of Pathetic #PowerPoints. Slow death by power point is something you can stop.

Your #powerpoint better have some slick design elements beyond fade in and out. It needs to have killer graphics, music, good timing, videos, and flow.

In fact the best power point I’ve ever seen at a SKO is the one I got 3 days before.
That’s right, all powerpoints should be sent to the team 3 days before SKO. All powerpoints should be read before the SKO.

Then at the SKO, have Q&A around the power points.

If a different department head’s feelings are hurt by not being able to “present: their powerpoint, sorry, not sorry.

Rarely do people want to hear you talk, unless you are answering questions that will actually help me do my job.
I can read about the new service.
I can read about the new pricing.
I can read about the competitive landscape.

Give people time to digest the information so things can be more engaging, with questions, etc. Better yet, give your powerpoint to a sales rep, teach them, and then have them give the presentation for you.

But Richard, what happens if the reps don’t read them ahead of time?

1) Make Accountability one of the pillars in 2020, and let this serve as the first test.

2) It’s a #salesleadership and management issue

Now here is the most important tip of all regarding your Sales Kickoff. And this has nothing to do with Powerpoint.

If you haven’t properly planned to coach AFTER the SKO, then your entire SKO is going to fall flat within 30 days. That’s right, what is your coaching session for the first 3 weeks AFTER your SKO to ensure things stick?

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