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% Of Women Physicians 34.3%
% Of Women In Congress 18.5%
% of Women On Fortune 500 Board Seats 17.9%
% of Women US Population 51.8%

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Women have made significant progress

(Scroll over each box to see the stat.)

Medical Degrees

% Of Women Graduates for Medical Degrees

Master's Degrees

% Of Women Graduates for Master's Degrees

U.S. Labor Force

% Of Women Working In U.S. Labor Force

Professional Jobs

% Of Women In Professional Level Jobs

However, The Statistics For Female Leadership Are Far Different

Fortune 500 CEOs

% Of Women Fortune 500 CEOs

Executive Officers

% Of Women as Executive Officers

Top Earners

% Of Women As Top Earners

Creative Directors

% Of Women Creative Directors In Advertising

While women control 80% of consumer spending!

The Harris Consulting Group: XX FACTOR

We recognize there are distinct differences between men and women in business.

Furthermore we think these differences should be discussed and the strengths identified.

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