Accelerating Your Career: Entry-Level BDR To Enterprise Sales

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This guest post comes from Rachel Gasparini, Enterprise Account Executive at LaunchDarkly. Learn how she’s quickly accelerated her career from an entry-level BDR to now an AE.

Take 👏 the 👏 leap! Today marks 4-years since starting my career out of school. From entry-level BDR to Enterprise Sales, every time I held my breath and took a leap, despite it being new and scary.

Here are the top 10 things that accelerated my career:

1. First impressions matter. I confidently went up to my CEO’s desk on my first day as a BDR, shook their hand and expressed my #enthusiasm to contribute.

2. You never have to make up for a #faststart. Over-index the first 3-6 months on a new job.

3. It’s an amazing time to be woman in sales. Gap in the market = massive #opportunity. Don’t get discouraged.

4. Focus on executing your core responsibilities really, really well. Consistency + expertise = massive #value.

5. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. I got #rejected the first time I applied for AE. I focused on closing the skill gap and landed the role 3 months later.

6. Never lose sight of #timemanagement. Time is valuable. Be strategic. Consistently refine and optimize.

7. Show #gratitude to those around you. Vocalize your appreciation. I love to surprise my teammates with small, meaningful gifts.

8. Your mental and physical #wellbeing come first. Full stop.

9. Find the #positive in challenging days. There is a sticky note always on my desk: Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It means you’re growing!

10. The only person limiting your dreams is you. Think bigger. And always #negotiate 😉

Connect with Rachel for more advice from the front lines!

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