All those Powerpoints at your SKO suck, and here’s why.

group of people listening in a meeting

First off, no, it’s not too late for this post, although many may think so. If you’re one of them, don’t read any further, it’s ok. It won’t hurt my feelings. Buh-bye now.

If you are still reading, then it tells me you care. You care about your team, you care about yourself, and you care about your company.

Do not let your #SKO become a presentation of presentations or a Parade of Pathetic #PowerPoints. Slow death by power point is something you can stop.

Your #powerpoint better have some slick design elements beyond fade in and out. It needs to have killer graphics, music, good timing, videos, and flow.

In fact the best power point I’ve ever seen at a SKO is the one I got 3 days before.
That’s right, all powerpoints should be sent to the team 3 days before SKO. All powerpoints should be read before the SKO.

Then at the SKO, have Q&A around the power points.

If a different department head’s feelings are hurt by not being able to “present: their powerpoint, sorry, not sorry.

Rarely do people want to hear you talk, unless you are answering questions that will actually help me do my job.
I can read about the new service.
I can read about the new pricing.
I can read about the competitive landscape.

Give people time to digest the information so things can be more engaging, with questions, etc. Better yet, give your powerpoint to a sales rep, teach them, and then have them give the presentation for you.

But Richard, what happens if the reps don’t read them ahead of time?

1) Make Accountability one of the pillars in 2020, and let this serve as the first test.

2) It’s a #salesleadership and management issue

Now here is the most important tip of all regarding your Sales Kickoff. And this has nothing to do with Powerpoint.

If you haven’t properly planned to coach AFTER the SKO, then your entire SKO is going to fall flat within 30 days. That’s right, what is your coaching session for the first 3 weeks AFTER your SKO to ensure things stick?

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