Navigating Excellence: The Art of Choosing a Sales Trainer that Elevates Your Team

In the ever-evolving and often cut-throat world of sales, the search for the perfect sales trainer and sales training program can often resemble an exhausting Google search, eye-rolling, and frustration from all the marketing and acronyms everyone throws around. Whether you stand on the brink of a game-changing Sales Kickoff (Yes, you’re already late planning if you plan to have one in January) or are poised to empower your sales team with the tools to conquer their inevitable tough quota that will be set by the business, the choice of a sales trainer holds the power to define the trajectory of your team’s success. Drawing from my extensive and sometimes very funny experiences crafting impactful training sessions for industry giants like Google, Zoom, Gainsight, PagerDuty, Visa, and SalesLoft, I’m pumped to unveil a comprehensive guide that seamlessly melds SEO mastery with a harmonious blend of simplicity, creativity, and accessibility. This guide is your trusted companion, ensuring that you embark on this transformative journey equipped with the tools to forge ahead with the clarity you need and the clarity your reps need.

  1. Clarity Breeds Success: Mapping Out Sales Goals and Targets

Embarking on this journey requires more than mere determination; it necessitates a crystal-clear vision. Before you tread the path of selecting a sales trainer, it’s essential to define your team’s goals. Whether your aim is to refine negotiation finesse, amplify communication prowess, improve negotiation skills, or propel closing rates to new heights, your intentions must be etched in stone. However, this isn’t just about articulating aspirations; it’s about grounding them in tangible metrics and kpis that will effectively measure your progress. Perhaps your sights are set on achieving heightened lead conversions that fuel exponential revenue growth. Alternatively, you may be striving to bridge the gap between missed targets and consistent triumphs. The bedrock of your journey’s success lies in this initial step – one that ensures your compass aligns unerringly with the guiding star of achievement. 51% of Gen Z employees say that their education has not prepared them to enter the workforce.


  • TL;DR – You and your team must decide on a set of clear goals and outcomes from the trainer and not waiver from those – it creates decision-making criteria and simplifies the process.
  • Step 1 – Define your sales teams specific needs and pains.

And if you know me, you know I hate buzzwords so here is how to go beyond the buzzwords. – “At the end of the sales training we expect the team to be better at ___, ___, and ___.

And if you say things like, discovery, negotiations or closing skills  you need to dig even deeper. Think in a use case mindset.


*When we say improving discovery skills, we mean ___, ___, and ___.

When we say improving negotiation skills, we mean ___, ___, and ___.

When we say improving closing skills, we mean ___, ___, and ___.*


Tip – Ask 1-2 of your top reps, and your VP of Sales/ CRO, CEO the same initial question.  At the end of the sales training we want the team to get better at ___, ____, and ___.   Do this in a vacuum, not a Reply All email.  When you get the answers from those above you, your answers, and the answers from your sales people. You now I have a great visibility of where the sales skills gaps truly exist.


  • Step 2 – Define specific success metrics and kpis.

We will claim that success will be an increase (or decrease) in ___, ___, and ___.

Often times its about an increase in the sales pipeline. Ironically it can also mean a decrease in the sales pipeline but an increase in pipeline quality. when you first start.

Once a sales rep gets better at discovery, they will no longer allow fluff in the pipeline. And, after training, its very normal for a lot of deals that are in the pipeline to be wiped out because they never should have been there in the first place.

Just remember, a decrease in new pipeline growth is not always a bad thing. We don’t have to like it of course, its simply something to be considered.

    • Step 3 – Confirm you baseline

True or Fales – We have a baseline of ____ and ____ where we can start?

If True, then good, move forward.

If False, hold your horses. You will now need to make a decision about getting enough data to establish a baseline.

If you do not already have a realistic, I repeat, a realistic pipeline then you will have to commit to the following statement.

Since we do not have a strong baseline we will give ourselves ____ months to gather baseline data.

If you think running the experiment with 1-2 months of data will give you a baseline you are simply rationalizing an irrational belief. In short, you are lying to yourself.

We understand that in today’s economic environment and desire to grow pipeline and sales revenue you want to move fast. Newsflash fo you, it doesn’t matter how fast you want to move, it only matters how accurately you move.

  1. Transforming Intentions into Achievements: Tailored Insights and Customization.

Armed with the insights garnered from you, your leaders, and your team it’s time to it’s time to navigate the expansive landscape of potential sales training organizations sales trainers, and even sales methodologies.

However, this isn’t merely about ticking boxes of qualifications and credentials; it’s about establishing a profound resonance with your unique requirements. This selection process transcends routine; it’s an expedition to discover a partner who not only comprehends your vision but also possesses the tools to manifest it into tangible reality.

And remember whatever sales training or sales trainer you choose should be able to customize the sales training to your sales process and ideal customer profile. And the sales training should always include both real play and role play scenarios based on your sales motion, prospects, verticals, and sales process.

It is critical you mention and ask how each sales trainer includes and implements role playing and customization in their sales training program

  • TL;DR – Bring key team members along to help evaluate the trainer you decide to short list.
  1. Conquering Skepticism: Crafting a Strategy for Skeptics

Every team houses its skeptic, often characterized as the “Grumpy Gus” who seems impervious to change. As you engage with potential trainers, delve into their strategy for effectively dealing with these skeptics. A skilled trainer should wield a transformative approach, one that transmutes Grumpy Gus into a fervent advocate like those speeches that make you pumped to go on a 30-mile run after watching them. The ability to tackle skepticism head-on, bridging communication gaps and metamorphosing dissent into collaborative engagement, truly defines a trainer’s prowess. It’s within these strategic maneuvers that you unearth the true artistry of a trainer – the finesse to inspire change even within the hearts of the most resolute skeptics.

  • TL;DR – Is this someone you yourself would buy from and are motivated by?
  1. Stars of Credibility: Embracing Reviews and References

Much like a discerning traveler meticulously reviews accommodations before booking, your expedition to select a sales trainer demands thorough validation. In the digital realm, platforms such as G2 Reviews serve as invaluable treasure troves of insights from pioneers who’ve ventured this path before. Seek out customer references aligned with your sales process, dealing magnitude, and customer relationships – these narratives hold the key to unlocking a trainer’s genuine mettle. In the ever-evolving world of sales, credibility is far from a mere luxury; it’s a vital lifeline that ensures your collaboration with a partner capable of transforming well-intentioned goals into tangible achievements.

  • TL;DR – The proof is in the pudding, as they say, research the validity by asking your peers.
  1. The Virtue of Referrals: Integrity as a Guiding Light

Amid the plethora of choices, a trainer’s integrity stands as a steadfast guiding star. The best sales trainers and sales training organizations acknowledge their limitations and, with unwavering honesty. And they will steer you toward a trainer better aligned with your unique prerequisites, even if it means stepping aside themselves. The pursuit of excellence transcends the boundaries of mere success; it’s about forging alliances with individuals wholeheartedly invested in your team’s growth and prosperity, even if it necessitates ceding the limelight for the greater good.

  • TL;DR – Trust and buy in before you do any buying.

Do you feel this trainer is in it for the value? A good way to see is if they speak in a very honest way to you – like we always say the THCG “get to the point, let’s establish value based on Economic Impact – not noise.”

  1. Fostering Sustainable Growth: Pre and Post-Training Support

The journey isn’t confined to a singular event; it’s an ongoing odyssey toward perpetual growth. Delve into the mechanisms governing pre-training groundwork and post-sales training reinforcement. A seasoned trainer not only equips managers with preparatory resources for seamlessly executed training sessions but also orchestrates post-training guidance, thereby perpetuating momentum and consistency. This level of commitment forms the bedrock on which achievable goals and revenue expansion flourish. Look for a sales training and reinforcement program, not just sales training.

  • TL;DR – If the trainer just steps in and out on training day, chances are you’ve set yourself and the team up for failure – do not be cheap, and ensure they are there for prep and post-training exercises.
  1. Crafting an Unforgettable Saga of Success

As you traverse the intricate labyrinth of selecting a sales trainer, remember that this guide transcends its role as a mere compass; it’s an intricate strategic map guiding you toward invaluable treasures. Whether you’re in pursuit of an SKO luminary to lead your team or seeking to bolster your marketing arsenal, every choice you make forms a pivotal brushstroke on the expansive canvas of success. Your journey isn’t just a pathway; it’s a story, waiting to be etched onto the annals of achievement. And should you encounter a crossroads, remember that The Harris Consulting Group isn’t merely a partner; it’s your unwavering compass and trusted guide, poised to chart a course toward your team’s ultimate triumph. To embark on this collaborative quest, reach out to us at Contact Us Today | The Harris Consulting Group. Let us together weave an enduring tale of sales excellence. And yes, if we cannot help you, we will gladly point you in the direction of others once we understand your specific needs.

  • TL;DR – Grab 15min with us to walk you through how we can craft all of this for you, after all we have done it for hundreds of the leading sales teams around the world.

In a realm where triumph hinges on astute choices, allow the intricacies of selecting an ideal sales trainer to serve as your guiding beacon – steering towards amplified revenue growth, tangible achievable goals, and uncharted realms of achievement.

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