Enter: Sales Prompt Specialists and Analysts


They say, “evolve or die”. And this couldn’t be more relevant than it is in sales right now. These are the new titles: Sales Prompt Specialists and Analysts and Sales Prompt Engineers.


  • SDR Prompt Specialist
  • Sales/Revenue Ops Prompt Specialist
  • AE Prompt Specialist
  • CS Prompt Specialist

This is now part of the job description. Of course, you can interchange the words specialist, analyst, and engineer as you feel it best describes your needs. But, these are about the ability to prompt AI tools with the right information and data set to yield a better response as it relates to the ideal customer profile.

Let’s look at an example of a prompt:

Please tell me the best way to approach a [insert name, title] at [insert company/vertical] based on their pains around ____ and ____.

Include the value props of our company ____ and make sure it’s written in a way that aligns with their personality type and how they like to receive information.

Please provide the right use case and ROI information they should expect after implementing our services.

Then you will get an answer back and will then need to continue to drill down and keep getting more and more specific.

Now what’s really cool.

Not only do you have better messaging. But, you, as a human, have more knowledge you can use when speaking with all prospects and customers. Unsure about sales training with these new roles? Schedule a time to chat about it here.

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