Handling “Call me back next year”

woman talking on the phone

Answer to the dreaded “Call me back next year.” objection.

The following are a few different options you can use. So be sure to think it through.

1) Sometimes people say “call me back in January and they really want me to call them. Other times they are just being polite and really don’t want me to call back. So I don’t waste your time in the future, can you let me know which one it is so I can move forward appropriately?

2) Great, let’s do something on Jan ___, how does 10am work for you?

3) Great, happy to call you back then, does this mean what we do is going to be a project in 2020?

3a) Great, happy to call you back then, does this mean budget has been allocated for this type of project in 2020?

3b) Great, will do. Does this mean we are on the agenda for 2020? (softer than 3 and 3a)

4) Outstanding, does that mean you are looking at ____, ____, and ____ in 2020 (this is used if you have a multi-threaded product or service so you can figure out about other departments who you could reach out to.

5) No worries, happy to call you then. BTW, every now and then we find companies with budget dollars they haven’t spent and they want to “buy now” but install in 2020. Might you be in a situation like this? (If no go back to #1)

How do you like handling this objection?

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