How to choose a tool for your sales stack

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8 Tips for selecting any tool or service to support your organization. Applies to #sales, #marketing, #engineering, #HumanResources

The success of adoption and usability by your end users (internal or external) relies on a strong input BEFORE selecting the tool.

1. At the end of implementing _____, we expect our team to be better at ____, ____ and ____.

2. We will define success as a change in the following metrics/ kpis ____, _____, and _____.

3. We hold these truths to be self-evident.
3a. Some metrics and KPIs may increase others may decrease
3b. A decrease in quantity may could lead to an improvement in quality (which is good)
3c. We have baseline metrics from which to measure against?
3d. If we do not have baseline metrics we agree that we need 2 full sales cycles to measure reality.

4. Any failure to follow these rules will only lead to anger and frustration by those who don’t “get sales” or simply want to push for the sake of pushing. While that is a valid option, it’s not always based on reality.

We sware this is our blood oath and we bend the knee!!

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