Impostor Syndrome in Sales


As I continually work on my impostor syndrome, I’m beginning to realize it also includes the emotion of envy. That moment when a co-worker, and friend, closes a deal.

Wanting what they have, wishing it was me.

And then it turns to jealousy of the recognition or reward they may receive.

Then it turns to anger and thinking they don’t really deserve it as much as I do.

This in turn, makes me think over time that I’m not as good and not as worthy, or as smart, etc.

That last part plays over and over in my mind…for hours.

And yet, I can move to make things happen.

I can choose to work and better myself.

I can choose to maybe learn something from that person.

I can take action.

This is my quest.

This is my action.

What’s yours?

*Inspired by Robert Green, Laws of Human Nature

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