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Launching Call Scripts with Richard Harris of The Harris Consulting Group and Surf and Sales


Sales calls just got a lot easier. Whether you need a cold call script with an elevator pitch, guidance through a discovery call or help leaving the best voicemail of your career, my integration with has you covered. 

Today I’m excited to announce a collaboration that unites the power of AI with the subtleties of expertise to improve your prospects’ experiences. I’ve teamed up with the folks at to formulate call scripts that embody the strategies and insights I’ve spent my career honing. 

Paired with regie’s AI, this collaboration equips sales teams with call scripts that have proven, measurable results. 

For those who aren’t familiar, regie is a platform that builds sales campaigns for today’s modern sellers. They’re the winner of Tenbound’s 2021 BEAST Award winner for Best Sales Development Technology and for good reason. Every regie campaign is unique to the buyer persona it targets, with optimized touchpoints and fully customizable AI-powered content. And yes, integrates with top SEPs including Outreach, SalesLoft, and Hubspot and has an export function for uploading with all other SEPs.

With the recent release of regie’s call script builder rounding out their AI’s content writing capability, every piece of a sequence or cadence that requires content can now write itself. 


The following call scripts are immediately available for use when building sequences:

  • Yes, yes, yes
  • The interview/ conducting research
  • Oh, Wow!
  • Pattern Interrupt, Calendar Request A
  • Pattern Interrupt, Calendar Request B

The world of sales relies on reps picking up the phone, that hasn’t changed. The difference is that now sales teams can do so with my techniques and regie’s AI behind them. For more information, head over to 

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