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Sales Interviews: Keep Interviewing After Taking a Job


Yes, keep taking sales interviews for at least 30 days after starting a new job, especially in sales.

I posted this advice months ago, and lots of people disagreed stating:

“What about your integrity?”

My answer to that: where was my integrity when they had to let people go?

“What about being loyal?”

Again, where was my loyalty when they had to let people go?

“What about not hurting your reputation?”

Puh-leeze! If I start a new job and quit within 30 days, who is going to know? It’s not like it’s going on my resume or LinkedIn profile. Of course, if I left because they did not deliver, I guess I could put that on my LinkedIn profile, because I am sure my “new-old company” wants that published.

I stand firm in giving the same advice.

Remember, if they lied to you during the interview, it was probably one of the following.

  1. The job is not what they said it would be.
  2. Nobody hit goals, even after they said they were.
  3. The boss does not treat employees like “family”. 
  4. There was no real training.

My integrity is first to me. That is self-reliance, not selfishness.

My loyalty is first to me. That is self-preservation, not selfishness.

My reputation is controlled by me. That is self-reliance, self-preservation, and yup, selfish.

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