Sales Leadership: Processing the Real World and Sales


I am not going to pretend it’s business as usual right now. Some of you may find solace in working and using that to block out the outside world. Some of you may not be able to do that. Whatever your way to handle things that work best for you is fine by me.

A good leader will “get into the suck” with you and support the mental health of their sales team.

Sadly, many don’t have the know-how when it comes to sales leadership, which may not always be their own fault. They are doing what was often taught to them.

So here’s how you do it.

And yes as the report-ee, I believe you can give this advice to your leader.

1. Acknowledge the reality around you.

  • If you are a leader without children, be aware of those on your team with kids and ask them how they are doing and more importantly, how are their kids doing?
  • If you are a leader with a group of black and brown, LGBTQ, Asian, or any other culture, please make time and space for them as well.

2. Have a team conversation. Specifically, do not say “meeting”, “stand-up”, or anything else that implies business as usual.

3 Be vulnerable. And say something like I mentioned above or something like:

  • “Hey everyone, I know we all have lots on our minds. I’d like to create a safe space for us to share how we are feeling about things. I will go first, here’s how I am feeling…”
  • “Hey everyone, I am going, to be very honest. I am still processing what’s going on, and I wish I had some amazing advice to give to help each of you. Frankly, I am still trying to figure it out for myself. I’d gladly accept any advice folks have as well.”
  • “It’s ok to be vulnerable with your clients and prospects.”

We are all in this together. Are you in need of sales leadership advice on how to help your team? Schedule a time to chat here.

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