SalesLoft Did It Again! #Rainmaker16

Rainmaker 2016

Last year started with a bang

This year started with soul.

SalesLoft RainmakerIf you are in the inside sales, sdr, and frankly any part of the sales community and missed Rainmaker16 hosted by SalesLoft, then you surely missed another amazing inside sales showcase.

We specifically use the word showcase because to call it an event cannot do it justice. In just two short years Rainmaker has become a leading destination for anyone wanting to learn about starting or growing their inside sales and SDR sales teams with precision, accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

2015 started with a beat by incorporating the Atlanta Falcons drumline. 2016 started with soul led by the Voice of Atlanta. They set the stage for not just a conference but an amazing reminder “of what life is all about.”  And they were not singing about making money. Their set list included:

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • Man In The Mirror

They were there to remind us that while we all love sales it is important to ground yourself. It’s ok to be passionate about your work but it is important to focus on your life outside of work. In fact studies show that giving back and helping others will actually help you be better at your “regular job” because it will energize you and help propel you to learn more, work harder, smarter, and passionately. When you do those things, goals are surpassed, walls broken down, and yes, commissions can be made.

While there may be no description on a paycheck of “how”, you will always carry the emotional quotient from your own  of accomplishments.

After the music subsided. SalesLoft did something completely different. They kept it mellow. There was no great fanfare, no big light show or whoo-guy yelling. They gently walked us through a few customers who use Salesloft to change the world.

One of the most inspiring stories was from a woman, Tina Lai, from UpWork. Her story was amazing touching and sincere.  She attended Rainmaker last year in 2015 and went on to build and lead the SDR team which she came back from Rainmaker with the vision for doing so. Her passion for SDR success goes way beyond building a team. Upwork truly has the impact not only on the companies who use them, but more importantly the hard workers who do the tasks. Upwork has the ability to give people opportunity in life they may not have been able to achieve even just a few years ago. Thanks for sharing not only the story of Upwork, but the journey you encountered along the way to success, very inspiring.

As Kyle Porter took to the stage the only thing you could not help but notice the shoes. (@benioff, you’ve got step up your game!) Seriously though Kyle launched into the big news of the day, the Sales Development Cloud. If you’ve been engaged with inside sales in the last few years there has been a growing concern or too many. And of too many working in silos without easy access. This is the first step towards greater coordination at the top of the sales funnel many of us have been waiting.

With the vision portion taken care of the conference moved into the more strategic and tactical arena. It started with Mr. Funnelholic Craig Rosenberg ofTOPO delivering the Account Based Everything. In typical TOPO style Craig brought a strategic vision backed by research, insight, and practical advice everyone could use immediately.

Then came Game of Thrones…well, sort of…  After an amazing video introduction that let you the sales world isn’t shifting but in fact morphing at a rapid pace, the Bruce Springsteen of the inside sales revolution, Jacco took the stage. Jacco reminded us that our customers do not want to be sold, led, or manipulated. They merely want to be educated. If you can educate them in a meaningful and purposeful way then the deal will close that much more easily.

And for the last main session before lunch John Barrows took the stage.. John showed us all exactly what personalization means. He pulled back the curtain and exposed not only the technique he teaches, but the ones he practices himself.

Afternoon breakout sessions were equally fun and exciting. As much as we’d love to go into detail on each one because we know they were all good based on the feedback, we simply won’t be able to. So for now, check out the topics, speakers, and either a) be glad you were there or b) start booking your calendar for next year so you don’t miss it!

  • How to Balance the Art of Science and Sales Development
  • The Real Story Behind Scaling Modern Revenue
  • Using Sales Loft to Build A World Class Sales Development Organization
  • How The Hell Do You Get More Leads
  • How Not to F-Up ABSD
  • Breaking Bad Habits With SalesLoft
  • Measuring The Pulse of The Culture of Your Team
  • Founders’ Perspective: The Importance of Investing In Your Sales Development Team inside sales, sdr
  • Sh*t My SDRs Do: A SalesLoft Power User Session
  • The Sales Development Playbook Bill Belichick Would Steal
  • How To Specialize Your Sales Team So You Can Actually Scale
  • SalesLoft And That Hotline Bling

And yeah, that was the end of Day 1.

Day 2 of course kicked off fabulously as well. Albeit a little later in the morning. Thanks SalesLoft for recognizing that!

Amazing Main Stage Sessions

  • Trish Bertuzzi and Highlights From The Sales Development Playbook
  • Steve Richard of Exec Vision: Live Call Recording Analysis (Shout out to the the two members of SalesLoft who allowed their own live calls to be played and coached in front of 600+ people!)
  • Derek Grant – The Art of War for Sales

and finally

Gary reminded us that if you are in sales. You are not just a transctors. He also reminded us not be headline readers, but to be the one who makes the headline.

Our interpretation of this means you must always be learning. More specifically, as you continue to learn and hone your craft you will move yourself not only to the center of the curve but eventually be ahead of the curve. This is what separates good from great.


If the conversations that occurred outside of the sessions are any indication. It seems like Rainmaker17 will be something to plan for next year!

If the conversations that occurred outside of the sessions are any indication. It seems like Rainmaker17 will be something to plan for next year!

Here are a few of the comments heard during the two days.

  1. OMG, I am so glad I came here
  2. I was just brought on board to build an SDR team about a month ago. I decided to come to Rainmaker first just to be sure I am focusing right. Boy am I a glad I came.
  3. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories of success and mistakes. This is going to help me stay focused and hopefully make fewer of my own mistakes.
  4. Dude, that session about not F-ing up ABSD was the best EVER!
  5. I wish there were more sessions about Account Based Everything
  6. I was hoping to leave with a handful of ideas, I’ve got about 25!
  7. I typically hate conferences, this one changed my mind.

Thank you again to Kyle, Rob, Sean Kester, Katie Rogers, Tami McQueen, and the whole friggin SalesLoft Crew. We were fortunate enough to attend Rainmaker last year and it blew us away. This year you blew our minds! See you at #RM17

Were you at #RM16?  Feel free to share your favorite moments.

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