Surf and Sales S1E26 – Product + Marketing + Sales with Chris Orlob of Gong

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There are a few things Chris Orlob knows. Chris knows about sales. Chris knows about product marketing. And Chris knows he’s not Neil Peart, but he loves to drum.

In this episode with Chris, we sit down and talk about his passions which include all 3. He’s a self-described marketer in a sales person’s body.  He spent the last few years at Gong focusing on product marketing. Then after a while, he decided to move back into sales in a leadership role and is now running a sales team. 

In this episode you will learn from Chris:

1. What is the problem with product marketing?
2. How product marketing really supports sales?
3. Owning the position of leadership in the mind of the customer
4. Training vs. Coaching
5. Why you cannot scale dependency

Check out this episode!

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