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S1E6; Can’t Sales And Operations With Claire Morris

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The conflict between Sales and Sales Ops is real and needs to be addressed. Yet some of the biggest improvements in sales performance happen as a result of a strong partnership with Sales Operations.

In this episode of the Surf and Sales Podcast, Scott Leese and Richard Harris sit down with Claire Morris, VP Operations at Homeward, to discuss how sales and sales ops can work together as partners.

What makes this episode so special is that Claire and Scott worked together 2x in their career.

We dive into specifics including:

  1. How to get Executive support for bringing in Sales Ops early”
  2. How does a VP of Sales realize they’ve found the right sales ops partner?
  3. How do two strong leaders who care about revenue get along when disagreements do happen?
  4. How does a sales ops leader push back appropriately with a strong-willed sales leader?
  5. How does a sales leader learn to “dial it back” and let someone else help them?

We discuss all this and more.

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