Surf and Sales S1E87 – Making Bolder Decisions with Mark Roberge

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NOT your standard Mark Roberge interview. Mark is not your typical “sales leader”. He did not come up through the ranks of sales, Yet, he’s become one of the most thought-provoking sales leaders in the business community in the last 20 years. We went deep with Mark on a ton of stuff including:
Is the 1-year cliff, 4-year vest a broken model?
How to survive past 18 months as a VP of Sales
What is your CEO’s one Get Out of Jail card?
How the current generation is better positioned than any other to tackle world problems.
Why larger deals are closing faster during and post COVID
How to Baby-Step your tech-minded founder to better understand sales
Purebred VP sales must be more analytical, but need to understand Ops
Defining sales against to revenue, growth, and goto market

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