Surf and Sales S1E99 – The Origin of the Surf & Sales Partnership plus Breaking the Salesperson Stigma with Travis King and Kevin Mulrane

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During this special episode of Surf and Sales Podcast, your co-hosts, Scott Leese and Richard Harris connect with life-long learner Travis King, and sales leader Kevin Mulrane. The world is evolving, especially the world of sales, but how can we get rid of the stigma around a sales career?

Here are a few of our favorite points we discussed:

  1. How Scott and Richard’s opposite personalities attract and work well for their partnership
    1. Scott – full speed ahead
    2. Richard – more conscientious/better at slowing down
    3. Scott kicks Richard in the ass, Richard pulls Scott back a bit
    1. People typically just fall into sales, but to get more people interested in the career we have to get rid of the stigma around it. 
    2. It’s not just something to get you by for a few years, there can be a career path within sales, and we have to educate people on the possible paths you can take
    3. Everyone you know is in sales and it starts at a very young age. You are always selling or convincing someone of something 
  2. How to get college kids interested in a career in sales
    1. Using videos at different parts of the sales cycle, not just to get leads
  3. The evolution of sales/what sales might look like in the future

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