Things that matter..”Just thinking of you, hope you are well”

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never give up

Not everyone enjoys the holiday season.

For many of us the holidays and EOY bring a tremendous level of excitement, family, friends, commissions, joy.

For others, not so much, in fact it’s the worst time of year due to family, personal, and money related issues.

If you are struggling at this time of year, please know you are not alone. You may feel isolated, you may feel unappreciated. That is not the case. Everyone has a purpose even when it’s not clear.

I spent many years feeling depressed, regardless of the time of year. Over time, I was able to make my depression my superpower.

Here is my story. Please share with anyone you want on any social network you choose, and definitely reach out to one person you may not normally do so, it will be appreciated.

Finally, if you know someone who could benefit from please send them there. There are tons of stories, resources, and yes, we will gladly take a donation if you’d be so kind.

Or you can just send them this message, “Just thinking of you, hope you are well.” It will mean a lot to them.

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