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The Biggest Lie in Sales


The biggest BS and fear tactic I hear repeated is that the “buyers” have more knowledge going into the process.

This is simply a 10,000% BS lie in sales that, for some reason, people love to throw in our faces to try to scare and intimidate us.

Your buyers have far LESS knowledge than you. 

Sellers are 10,000% smarter.

And it’s time we understand and respect ourselves about this.

Let me explain…

Buyers are considered to have more knowledge. Buyers are more conditioned to a commodity purchase process given the frequency and ease of purchasing everything in a commoditized and commercialized society. And yes, even the sellers have this buying experience too.

Therefore we are even.

And here is how we are smarter:

  1. We have more knowledge about buying as consumers because we are sellers too.
  2. We have more knowledge about our competitors than they do.
  3. We are smarter because of the tools in our sales stack.
  4. We are smarter because we can take it upon ourselves to keep learning, and we don’t even have to wait for our company to help us.

But wait…

  • Do your customers actually research and learn about “buying skills”?
  • Do your customers sit in trainings, then do mock trainings and practice the sales conversation? 
  • Do your non-sales career friends ever share about how they are learning to be better buyers? 

So, who’s really smarter? Them or us?

How you use this knowledge lies in the following:

  1. Do not walk into the sales conversation with an ego and attitude about this.
  2. Use this moment to help you reset your courage and confidence in your chosen career. 
  3. Respect yourself; you’ve earned the right.
  4. This is why having various internal and external Respect Contracts matters.

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