The Millennials vs Gen Z Work Culture


Recently, I’m seeing some trends when it comes to millennials vs Gen Z work culture:

  1. Millennials want to know the promotion path. Whereas, Gen Z wants to understand why they are getting a promotion after 6 months and if they even want it.
  2. Millennials want collaboration spaces. Gen Z wants a cubicle.
  3. Gen Z is much more coin-operated.

So what does this all mean?

From my understanding, it means leadership is going to have to re-tool the work culture again.

It means leadership is going to have to learn how to lead and communicate better.

We millenial-ized the work and compensation, so now what do we change and introduce for Gen Z?

What are other sales leaders experiencing with Gen Z that was not in the “big management handbook”? Let us know in the comments or book a time to chat about it here.

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