The Right Management to Rep Ratio

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Management vs. Coaching – Which do you really want?

Executive Leaders who think a single person can truly coach 10-12 people, have it wrong in most cases.

A Sales Manager can manage 10-12 people, if you don’t want them to do real coaching.

Want them to coach calls, run 1:1’s and Pipeline Meeting?

At best I say they can coach and manage 8, tops!

Here is what others have said on this topic:

Krysten Connor – Account Executive – 100% and companies should be intentional about this, no matter which model they prefer. And then be transparent with their reps about what they should expect. Some reps don’t want any coaching, some reps don’t want to take a job without it.

Mike Hook – Director of Sales – Our Armed Forces say the maximum number of people one person can lead, directly, is 6-8 (forgive the range, the specific count alludes me this morning). The leadership principles and decision making teachings they provide are rooted in history and thousands of years of evidence.

Once you go over this number you get spread too thin, have too much to manage and therefore are not managing at your top level. Sales leadership, and all leadership really, follow this.

So, me and a couple million people (at minimum) agree with you

Ken Baldo – VP Sales – 100% that’s why company’s need to invest in sales coach’s for sales teams as a compliment or supplement to the manager managing. I once managed 17 reps. I had to choose will I manage more than I coach or coach more than manage. You need to decide that and hope your boss is on board. Usually they want it all! My experience is Coaching moves people! Managing placates bosses

Sam Heard – VP of Sales – Sales managers are spread too thin in large organizations.

Between calls, meetings, 1:1s, admin, pipeline management, data mining, travel (if it applies), oh and let’s not forget their own development and growth.

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