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10 Reasons to Justify the Spiff for Coming to Surf and Sales

sunset on a beach

10. This is NOT a drunken bro-fest. Happy to have many folks share their experiences with you.

9. It’s the last month of the calendar year and perhaps your quarter and you need something better than normal spiffs and contests.

8. It will help with retention, and let’s face it you need help in that department, no matter what false belief system you’ve created.

7. The amount of money you lose in your best employees leaving in early 2020 is way more than the cost of this spiff.

6. You get it, you understand that having an experiential competition will motivate your team and in fact sending 2 people is better than one because it creates a much cooler culture.

5. Culture and Recruitment – How cool is it to say to candidates, we support you as a human. We provide education, fun, and amazing experiences like going to SurfandSales.

4. You want to be a part of our “Deep Dive” sessions, where the entire group helps focus on solving a very specific problem you face in your organization

3. You have a client you want to help secure a renewal for the next few years. Offer them SurfandSales, and they will be very loyal.

2. You crave something better than mega conferences where you learn more about the need for comfortable shoes and loathe the shallow conversations and relationships. In short, you want more!

1. FOMO – You keep saying “I’m gonna do this”.

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