Top Sales Influencers To Follow in 2022

Top Sales Influencers To Follow in 2022

Need to power up your sales strategy this year? I know the next quarter is looming over you (it is for me too).

I’ve found that sometimes the best advice (and encouragement) comes from peers who are in the trenches leading teams and navigating their own strategies everyday.

Salesforce just released their top 29 game-changing sales influencers who are pushing the community forward, sharing lessons learned along the way.

I appreciate being recognized again this year by Salesforce to be included alongside so many thought leaders in the sales world I admire, but I want to highlight a few here (in no particular order).

Scott Leese – CEO and Founder, Scott Leese Consulting, Austin, Texas

Scott was named a Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the American Association of Inside Sales three times, is a three-time author, and is regularly sought after as a consultant, advisor, leader, and sales trainer. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Ashley Zagst – Account Executive, Chili Piper, Portland, Oregon

She’s not only a successful Account Executive, but also the leader of Proud Pipers, Chili Piper’s internal organization for LGBTQIA+ Pipers and allies. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Larry Long, Jr. – Founder and Chief Energy Officer, LLJR Enterprises, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Larry is also an international keynote speaker, emcee, host of the “Midweek Midday Motivational Minute,” and co-author of “Color Outside the Lines.” Follow him on LinkedIn.

Nikki Ivey – Chief Revenue Officer, Inclusivv, Jacksonville, Florida

She’s also the founding member of several sales communities, including Sales for The Culture and SDR Defenders. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Niraj Kapur – Sales Coach and LinkedIn Trainer, Everybody Works In Sales, New York City, New York

You may have heard of Niraj’s Top 20 Amazon book, “Everybody Works in Sales.” It combines unique storytelling and tactical advice to ensure reps have what they need to sell effectively. Follow him on LinkedIn.


We’ve had the honor of over 70% of the people on the list join us on the Surf and Sales Podcast and Bonfire Sessions. Looking forward to getting the rest of them on as well. 

Here are the others on the list and we encourage you to follow them as well:

  1. Alex Alleyne – Founder and Head Coach, Elite Level Academy, London, United Kingdom
  2. Alexine Mudawar – Co-Founder, Women in Sales Club and Strategic Account Executive, Alyce, Chicago, Illinois
  3. Ali Powell – Strategic Account Executive, Terminus, Charleston, South Carolina
  4. Anita Nielsen – President and Owner, LDK Advisory Services, Frankfort, Illinois
  5. Belal Batrawy – Head of GTM, GTM Buddy, Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Chantel George – Founder and CEO, Sistas in Sales, New York City, New York
  7. Cherilynn Castleman – Managing Partner and Executive Coach, CGI and Chief Learning Officer, National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP), Bradenton, Florida
  8. Chloe Stewart – Chief Revenue Officer,, San Francisco, California
  9. Cynthia Barnes – Founder and CEO, National Association of Women Sales Professionals, Detroit, Michigan
  10. Daniel Disney – Founder and Owner, The Daily Sales, London, United Kingdom
  11. Dini Mehta – Chief Revenue Officer, Lattice, San Francisco, California
  12. Donald C. Kelly – Founder, The Sales Evangelist, Greencares, Florida
  13. Elyse Archer – Founder and CEO, She Sells, Durham, North Carolina
  14. Gabrielle (GB) Blackwell – Sales Development Representative Leader, Airtable and Co-Host/Co-Founder, Women in Sales Club, Austin, Texas
  15. Galem Girmay – Revenue Enablement Manager (EMEA), UserTesting, London, United Kingdom
  16. Ian Koniak – Founder and President, Ian Koniak Sales Coaching, Inc., EL Segundo, California
  17. John Barrows – CEO, JB Sales, Boston, Massachusetts
  18. Keenan – CEO and President, A Sales Growth Company, Denver, Colorado
  19. Lindsey Boggs – Global Director of Sales Development, Quantum Metric, Raleigh, North Carolina
  20. Lori Richardson – President, Women Sales Pros and CEO, Score More Sales, Boston, Massachusetts
  21. Marcus Chan – Founder and President, Venli Consulting Group, Portland, Oregon
  22. Rakhi Voria – Vice President of Sales, Procore Technologies, New York City, New York
  23. Shawanda Roberts – Vice President of Sales, Frost & Sullivan, New York City, New York


We can learn so much from these hand-picked cohort of sales experts by seeing how they’re changing the sales game. Go follow everyone on the list. We promosie you will learn a little, laugh a little, and maybe sometimes cry a little. Let’s power up! You won’t regret it!

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