What it really means to be a special snowflake

three gold snowflakes

Whether you are a #millennial that grew up with loving parents encouraging every moment or a #GenXer like me who grew up as a latch-key kid and a part of the “slacker” generation, it doesn’t really matter.

There is — and always will be — a certain level of selfishness that is required to be successful and happy. But there is another part too. It’s the selfless part of you.

What I have recently learned through reading a few books and engaging in mediation is so easy to understand, yet it seems to escape many of us due to the “hustling” and “side-gigging” we are focusing on.

Specifically, it’s not about all my use cases, what I am knowledgeable about.  It’s about my usefulness.

Am I useful in life?

Am I useful to my family?

Am I useful to my friends?

Am I useful to my work, organization, upper management, peers or direct reports?

I am not suggesting being submissive. I am suggesting making sure that I provide value to myself, and most importantly, to others.  For me, this has become the essence of a Work / Life Balance. Engaging and encouraging myself to be better, act better, and provide support.  This is what makes me a special-fucking-snowflake.

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