10 Easy Tips To Becoming a Sales Jedi Master

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In case you haven’t heard, there is a new movie coming out in a few weeks. Hopefully some of the sales leaders reading this bought some tickets to opening day to give out as sales spiffs! Or better yet, your CEO recognizes its worth shutting the office down for an epic event and take the whole company.

In the spirit of the Star Wars moment, we at The Harris Consulting Group, offer the following tips to helping you all finish your quarter and year strong! And to hope you all become better Sales Jedis in 2016. May the force be with you…always!

10.  Do or do not, there is no try.

9.    Any fool can learn from his mistakes a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

8.    Stupid hurts…always.

7.    When you think you are done,

you are really only 40% of the way there.

6.    Many mistakes in the sales process can be seen and felt while they occur, but salespeople often don’t want to do
anything to f*ck up the deal. (See 3 & 4)

5.    The fear you bring into a sales call will often be the very reason you lose the deal.

4.    Dedicating time to help newbie reps on the inside sales team actually makes you better at closing your own deals.

3.    You can earn far more respect as a leader by sharing your knowledge and hitting your sales goals than if you
merely hit your sales goals.

2.    Every professional sports athlete spends time practicing yet most sales professionals do not. (Embrace #7)

1.     It’s ok to be humble and be proud of what you have done at the same time.

What tips do you have that can help others become a true Jedi Sales Master. Use the force or perhaps your keyboard and share your sales wisdom with the rest of us.

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