Why Building Sales Contests to Drive Revenue is the Wrong Mindset

When it comes to deciding on contests prizes for sales teams several things should be considered BEFORE you choose the prizes. Whether it’s an SDR Team, Inside Sales Team, Enterprise Sales team we recommend “bucketing” the prize types into 5 primary buckets: Solo Event Rep +1 Event Team Event Money Educational Of course there could be others, and they can and often do overlap. From here you need to look at some bigger issues and in particular “selling the executive” on the expenses. The primary outcome of a contest is NOT to drive revenue. It’s to reinforce the right behaviors. If the behaviors occur, the muscle memory lasts, you win the long game of revenue [...]

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How to hire a Sales Trainer for 2020 or your SKO

After conducting sales training and Sales Kickoffs for inside sales teams, field sales teams, from SMB to Mid-Market to Enterprise. I think I’ve learned a few things about how buyers choose a sales trainer for their organization. When it comes to choosing the right sales trainer, saas platform, tool for your sales stack or just about anything, it gets overwhelming very quickly. We trained at places you know like Google, Zoom, PagerDuty, Visa and SalesLoft as well as some you may have never heard about. And the one thing we see consistently is the need for the sales trainer to help the buyer understand how to purchase sales training, not just purchase their own. Ask [...]

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Building A Sales Culture Takes Guts

Building any culture for that matter. I had the fortunate experience of attending Gong.io's Celebrate summit a few weeks ago. Lots of great content but the thing that stuck out out to me the most was the interview between Amit Bendov and Headcoach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr. Amit asked about building a culture and Coach Kerr shared a story of where and how he started when he first took over as head coach in 2014. He explained that he asked and went to watch the Seattle Seahawks training camp and spend time with Pete Carroll their head coach. At one point Coach Carroll asked Steve to come into his office, and he [...]

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Where Negotiation Skills Training Often Fails

If you think your team needs "Negotiation Skills" Training, you could be making the biggest mistake EVER! First, people don't define what they mean by "Negotiation Skills" when it comes to sales training. Here is how to better define it, and be careful of buzz words. At the end of negotiation training, we want the team to be better at ___, ____, and ____. (Hint: Cannot be "closing more deals") Here are some examples. I have seen when it comes to negotiation training, it often means doing a better job of qualifying and discovery. The tactics in negotiations are many times the same in qualifying: How to use open/closed-ended questions, Psychological Mirroring, Emotional Labeling, earning [...]

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