Negotiating your Work From Home Expenses

As WFH will continue to be the new normal it's important that companies and employees take a good look at what it takes to have healthy work from home policies, especially around the equipment needed. And most importantly, who is responsible for it? Whether you are in inside sales, field sales, marketing, engineering, HR, IT, this stuff matters, a lot. We believe that companies should build strong cultures, and as such, it's up to the company to provide these resources.   Now, if you are in need of a job, bills, family, rent, mortgage, etc. Then we will absolutely support that you need not negotiate too hard on these things. But if you can, don't let [...]

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3 Kinds of Demos

There are 3 types of demos in #sales when following N.E.A.T. Selling. N.E.A.T. = Need, Economic Impact, Access to Authority and Timeline Trailer - This is essentially an explainer video. This gives people just enough to understand the pains you solve to entice them into a deeper conversation. 2-3 minutes Main Feature - This is a demo that actually walks your prospects through their specific use cases as it relates to your product or service. Director's Cut - This more like a POC or trial. Or perhaps a #CustomerSuccess demo of a new application Throughout the #salescycle you must determine what is your equal get for giving these to people. 5 more tips about demos [...]

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MQL and Lead Scoring definitions are broken

For too long Sales has been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to revenue. It's time that Marketing have a real goal and real revenue targets. Here is one way to fix it on the MQL side that will encourage greater parity where Sales and Marketing work together and treated equally. Tier 1 - 1 point - Demo Requests And Contact Us = 1 point Tier 2 - .25 points - All others = .25 points. This includes White Paper Downloads, Workbooks downloads, Trade show leads, etc. Essentially anything that is not an actual meeting. Tier 3 - .75 points, any Tier 2 that becomes a meeting. This allows for the [...]

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The Moments In-Between

It's the little things that matter most. After hosting 4 #SurfandSales events, and attending countless other #sales conferences, here is the most important thing I can offer: Enjoy "The Moments In-Between". The conference sessions are good of course, content is king. But remember, Context is the Kingdom. For me, so much of that context comes from the discussions around the sessions, "in-between". When you ask the person next to you, "So what did you think?" and then have a conversation. When you see or hear someone say something that makes you want to walk up to them and say, "Hey, I heard what you said, and I'd like to chat with you." That moment when [...]

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