Who handles inbound leads?

This is one of the longest-running discussions I see in saas sales today. The options typically are the following although there may be some slight variances. Inbound leads go straight to AE’s Inbound leads go to the newest and most inexperienced SDRs Inbound leads go to senior and more tenured SDRs Here is what I recommend to everyone, and then adjust accordingly based on data. Inbound leads always go to senior and tenured SDRs. Inbound leads are your most precious gemstones A lot of time and money (marketing and product) has been spent driving these precious gems to you. Don’t waste that money Conversion is all that matters. Putting inexperienced reps hurts your chances for [...]

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Don’t Over Engineer Your Sales Process

When you are creating a sales process for your inside sales team many people make a few standard mistakes that we see over and over. Here are some tips for creating the right sales process. Proper Stage Naming Demo, Proposal, etc, are not stage names. They are activities within a particular part of a stage. Stage names are holistic in sound but easy to comprehend. Each stage must have Exit Criteria. Exit Criteria is the minimum amount of information confirmed, activities conducted, or process understanding confirmed. Sales Processes are not as linear as the CRM tries to make them. Review your sales process every 6 months. Here is the sales process we recommend. With some [...]

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Sales Slump Buster Tips

Zero, nada, a big fat donut. That was my October this year. October 2019 marks the first month in 4 years that I was not on a plane to see a client and did not have a client locally. So, I am going to do what most in sales are afraid to do. I am going to talk about it. Impostor syndrome is real, no matter who you are or how long you have been doing it. Here is how I handled it. First I looked at what's been happening in the last few months and found the things that changed. 1) A website lead form malfunction that occurred over the summer which slowed the [...]

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All those Powerpoints at your SKO suck, and here’s why.

First off, no, it’s not too late for this post, although many may think so. If you’re one of them, don’t read any further, it’s ok. It won’t hurt my feelings. Buh-bye now. If you are still reading, then it tells me you care. You care about your team, you care about yourself, and you care about your company. Do not let your #SKO become a presentation of presentations or a Parade of Pathetic #PowerPoints. Slow death by power point is something you can stop. Your #powerpoint better have some slick design elements beyond fade in and out. It needs to have killer graphics, music, good timing, videos, and flow. In fact the best power [...]

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