S2E43 – Being Metrics Driven vs Metrics Aware with Amos Schwartzfarb of Tech Stars

Being able to ask a VC is always a great conversation. Amos does not disappoint at all in this session. He shares a ton of great ideas and guidance in an open discussion. What it means to have a data and metrics-driven plan Are you on the part to product/market direction and product/market fit What you need to know to claim you have product/market fit What I fell in love with within my first sales job The excitement, the expectations, and the reality of an acquisition The 1999 Sales Process How do you know what to do and when in your early-stage start-up The disparity of equity and success Biggest mistakes founders make when [...]

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S2E41 – Getting real on revenue with Amy Hrehovcik

Like many, Amy didn't plan to go into sales. She wanted to be in politics, lobbying, etc. Then after one of her first engagements with a political campaign, that all changed. From politics to sales  There are two types of workers, processors, and producers What it's like having a mentor in your first year.  Understanding Speed, Status, and Experience Bad news does get better with time, so lean in. Be aware of the internal win rate based on inbound/ outbound. How managing SDRs to the moment is crushing their soul. Check out this episode!

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S2E42 – Some customers don’t need to be kept with Sam P. Lark

What do you do with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry? Go into Customer Success of course. Take a listen through an interesting journey as Sam was able to identify his real passion and make a career out of it.   You are not working for a corporation When do you know your customer crosses the line. People will do business with those they know, like, and trust. How to coach the customer to be "nice" Building trust between Sales and Customer Success It's not what you know, who you know, but who knows you.  You are more than a worker bee Learning to be responsible for a quota, upsell, cross-sell Check out this episode!

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Sales vs. Marketing: Who Owns Post-Event Communications

There is always an “it depends” when thinking about the solution for who owns post-event communications. Is it a live in person event? Is it virtual? Are their recordings of events? Can you measure registrants vs. attendees? Even with all of this, one should think very carefully about who and how to make the touches immediately after the event. Here is one strategy where your inside sales team should touch everything before marketing. Messaging Regarding message: ALL MESSAGING needs to speak the the pains of the customer, not about your product. Regardless of marketing or sales contacting registrants/attendees. This is often the biggest difference I see in marketing vs. sales communications across the board. Nobody [...]

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