The Moments In-Between

It's the little things that matter most. After hosting 4 #SurfandSales events, and attending countless other #sales conferences, here is the most important thing I can offer: Enjoy "The Moments In-Between". The conference sessions are good of course, content is king. But remember, Context is the Kingdom. For me, so much of that context comes from the discussions around the sessions, "in-between". When you ask the person next to you, "So what did you think?" and then have a conversation. When you see or hear someone say something that makes you want to walk up to them and say, "Hey, I heard what you said, and I'd like to chat with you." That moment when [...]

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The Right Management to Rep Ratio

Management vs. Coaching - Which do you really want? Executive Leaders who think a single person can truly coach 10-12 people, have it wrong in most cases. A Sales Manager can manage 10-12 people, if you don’t want them to do real coaching. Want them to coach calls, run 1:1’s and Pipeline Meeting? At best I say they can coach and manage 8, tops! Here is what others have said on this topic: Krysten Connor - Account Executive - 100% and companies should be intentional about this, no matter which model they prefer. And then be transparent with their reps about what they should expect. Some reps don’t want any coaching, some reps don’t want [...]

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Moving customers off discounts

One of the most uncomfortable moments in all forms of customer engagements. There are lots of nuances in this situation based on legacy, original customers, deals cut at EOQ or EOM, etc. Here are some suggestions to help you and your sales team and customer success team when it comes to moving folks off discounts Define your customers who need to be moved up the “rate card” OC’s - Original customers from the very first moment you went live. Where are they, where do you want them to be. Legacy - Long term clients but maybe not your OC’s. Write down their current $ and where you’d like to get them to. FireSale - Deals [...]

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What does “Negotiation Training” Really Mean?

We hear this request a lot when speaking with folks looking to train their inside sales or field sales team. We are also hearing it more and more when it comes to training customer success teams. While simplistic in concept it’s a bit more complex than many folks think. This is because “negotiation training has become a buzz word. And in many cases its used incorrectly. Negotiation training can have a ridiculous amount of meaning. When you are thinking about hiring a sales trainer for negotiating training here are some things to keep in mind. Is “negotiating training” what you really need? Often times people say "negotiation training" but when we dive in deeper it’s [...]

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