It was a great year for books

One of the greatest things I’ve really grown to appreciate over the last few years has been reading. I used to hate it in most cases. For the longest time it felt like, “a chore” or “studying” and worst of all I had what I refer to as a typical Gen-X mentality of, “I already know it all.” I have since changed my tune and have read a ton of great books over the last few years. Many I discover on my own, some are recommendations from peers, and some from rock stars like Duff McKagan of GNR fame. As such here are a list of the books I read in 2018 and maybe you [...]

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Meet for coffee? Stop wasting our time.

So tired of the “we should meet for coffee or a drink” requests from people who clearly have not looked at each of our profiles to recognize the obvious... the only reason you want to meet with me is to try and leverage my network. Come on, stop wasting our time. Truthfully I see very little value in meeting. My intent is not to come off rude but be directly honest instead of making up some lame “I’m too busy” excuse. If you claim to value transparency then you should most likely agree. I wish you well but I just don’t see the value and feel you deserve an honest answer. Seriously if we tried [...]

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What it really means to be a special snowflake

Whether you are a #millennial that grew up with loving parents encouraging every moment or a #GenXer like me who grew up as a latch-key kid and a part of the "slacker" generation, it doesn't really matter. There is -- and always will be -- a certain level of selfishness that is required to be successful and happy. But there is another part too. It's the selfless part of you. What I have recently learned through reading a few books and engaging in mediation is so easy to understand, yet it seems to escape many of us due to the "hustling" and "side-gigging" we are focusing on. Specifically, it's not about all my use cases, [...]

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What’s the Best Day of The Month to Buy a Saas Solution and Why?

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I’m all about harsh truths. My experience in the sales industry has taught me that when someone or something is underperforming, excuses get tossed around like confetti in a hurricane. Sales trainers blame inside sales teams, inside sales teams blame sales trainers for poor sales training and negotiation training, sales execs blame sales trainers who blame inside sales teams who blame sales execs. And of course, everyone tries to blame marketing. And on and on and on. […]

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