Explaining ROI: The Dumbest Phrase Buyers Use


The dumbest thing your CFO is probably asking you these days is to “explain the ROI”. Until buyers stop caring about ROI, maybe we won’t have to deal with it internally either. But until then, the problem with your CFO asking is that no matter how well you are at explaining ROI, and no matter what you tell them, they will never believe.

So turn it around…

“You know I had a feeling you were going to say this. Here’s my question back. I actually have the full Economic Impact which includes, not only cost savings, but also proves revenue growth.

Now, if I show you that, will it even change your mind? Or am I going to get the, “Well, I am not sure, or there’s no guarantee, so the answer is “no”?”

Then when they lie to you and say that it will change their mind, say this:

“Yeah, I’m not convinced because when I sell, this is what all CFOs say, and they reject sales. I think it’s best I wait until you convince me otherwise.”

Then simply stare at them. Watch their facial expressions.

You will know they are lying because you can notice the micro expressions:

  1. Quick tension in their jaw.
  2. A forced smile because they are actually angry someone called them out.
  3. Their voice inflection will change.
  4. They will probably lean back in the chair to “prove” they are not being aggressive.

I’d love to hear how it goes when you put this into practice. Leave a comment or DM me!

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