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How to Help Predict Burnout and Hopefully Avoid It

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My newest favorite book on sales and leadership is “The Score Takes Care of Itself” by Bill Walsh. So much practical advice and fun stories.

One of my favorite parts was when he addressed burning out. What it meant for him to burn out. What it meant for his friends who were also NFL coaches who felt burned out.

He really helped to “define the grind” better than anything else I’ve ever read.

Your Broken Internal Scoreboard

  • Negative points (-1, -3, -7) for any loss.
  • Zero points for a win. Zero, nada, zippo.

Clearly this means you will never reach any level of positivity, EVER. And over time this is what can contribute heavily to burnout. Remember, even the greatest can burnout. Michael Jordan, perhaps? He needed to step away and find a new challenge and reset his mind. Then he came back, full throttle.

So often when we watch our heroes we often hear them talk about their mistakes. Yes, we should own up to our mistakes and hold ourselves accountable. I can assure you though, even the person who loses the game takes this informations, reviews it, and looks for ways to improve. Even during that, they look at the things they did right to reinforce the right behaviors too.

For us, this is what we mean by “cutting ourselves some slack”, “stop being so hard on yourself”, or the ultimate one, “we judge ourselves harder than others judge us.”

So whether you are an SDR, Inside Sales Rep, Account Manager or in Customer Success, accept yourself. All of you. All your good. All your bad. All your strengths, and all your flaws.

Judgment is just a thing, by definition, it does not mean negative.

We can judge ourselves positively as equally as we do negatively.

Let’s avoid burnout together. If you want to chat about your goals and how you can avoid burnout in pursuit of those goals, schedule a time to talk here.

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