How to Motivate Your Sales Team in 2024

Let’s face it, most sales leaders are terrible at motivating salespeople and sales teams. I learned the hard way that soft skills are often the hard skills when it comes to sales leadership. 

In 2024, sales are going to be harder than ever. We should not be surprised that our sales teams will have a heightened sense of stress and anxiety. Sure the norms of performance and job security are there.

 Yes, missing goals, reduced headcount, and the standard, “do more with less” will be prevalent. Additionally, in 2024, there are additional thoughts in our minds around the world at large, including the war in Ukraine, Israel, and the US Elections.

Then, wrapped around all of this is the fear of the AI concerns as it relates to all of these topics. So as a sales leader, keeping your sales team focused and on track will be harder than you’ve ever experienced before. 

Moreover, those who say they have done it before, well, are simply lying to you. Nobody has gone through what we are about to go through in the way we are going through it. N.O.B.O.D.Y.

This brings us to the point of this post, motivating your sales teams. While with sales in mind, this information is probably good for every department from marketing, to IT, customer success, and everything in between. 

Let’s check the most important soft skills needed to motivate your sales team: 

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Sales leaders need to connect with their team members on a personal level. They need to understand their concerns and anxieties. By demonstrating empathy, leaders foster a sense of trust and belonging, making individuals feel valued and motivated to contribute their best.

Effective Communication 

In times of uncertainty, clear and transparent communication becomes paramount. Sales leaders should keep the team informed about changes, challenges, and successes. Open lines of communication help build a cohesive team that can navigate challenges together.


The ability to adapt to change is a key soft skill for sales leaders in 2024. With the ever-evolving global landscape, leaders need to be agile and encourage their teams to embrace change. A flexible mindset will help navigate unforeseen obstacles and keep the team motivated despite external pressures.


Resilience is the backbone of a successful sales team. Leaders must instill a sense of perseverance and determination. Also, they must emphasize that setbacks are opportunities for growth. 

In other words, resilient teams bounce back from challenges with renewed vigor, contributing to overall success.

Collaboration and Team Building

Moreover, it is crucial to foster a collaborative environment where team members support and uplift each other. Every sales leader has to encourage healthy competition and celebrate collective achievements. 

A strong sense of camaraderie within your sales team helps to alleviate stress and enhances the overall team spirit. This will lead to a higher productivity and better sales results.

Recognition and Appreciation

Recognition is key! Acknowledge individual and team accomplishments regularly. Genuine recognition will boosts morale and motivate team members to consistently deliver their best. 

Simple acts of appreciation, whether public or private, go a long way in reinforcing a positive work culture.

Coaching and Mentorship 

Invest time in coaching and mentoring team members. Providing constructive feedback and guidance helps individuals develop their skills and confidence. A mentorship program can create a support system.

This is even more important for newer team members navigating challenging times. Coaching will help salespeople to adapt and grow together as a team reaching the company’s goals.

Continuous Learning 

Encourage a culture of continuous learning and development. Provide opportunities for skill enhancement, whether through training programs, workshops, or access to educational resources. A growth mindset fosters a sense of progress and achievement.

Work-Life Balance Advocacy 

With the increasing demands on sales teams, leaders should prioritize and advocate for a healthy work-life balance. Recognizing the importance of employee well-being contributes to higher job satisfaction and sustained motivation.

In conclusion, the challenges of motivating a sales team in 2024 may seem daunting. However, the emphasis on soft skills can serve as a powerful catalyst for success. By honing these skills, sales leaders can create a resilient and adaptable team. Thus, salespeople will be capable of navigating the complexities of the contemporary business landscape. 

In an era where change is the only constant, mastering soft skills is the key to sustaining a high-performing sales team. To be good at anything we must dive in and embrace the change we want to be. If you walk away with one thing in mind, I’d suggest this:

“Work towards understanding a leader can be empathetic and hold people accountable.” 

This is why we don’t simply offer training. We offer a complete sales training and reinforcement program. And included in this training is time spent with the managers of the team. This way, we help them upskill and become the leaders and coaches your team needs. 

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