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Leveling Up in Sales: How To Move to a Better Situation


How do you propose to make a move to start leveling up in sales and create a better situation? By skilling harder? Or by making connections and leveraging them to find better opportunities?

Finding the right job is about finding multiple opportunities, not just one. The more options we have, the better off everything becomes. Instead of fixating on a single opportunity, adopt a mindset of exploration and expansion. The more avenues you explore, the higher your chances of discovering that perfect fit. Each opportunity you encounter, even if not immediately pursued, contributes to your growth and understanding of the market.

For me, I would do these 6 steps:

  1. Leverage my brand on LinkedIn or start building one. It’s never too late. And you can even utilize platforms beyond LinkedIn to showcase your skills and insights. Start a blog or vlog, share success stories, or offer strategic sales tips through various social media channels. Building your personal brand across different platforms enhances your visibility and credibility.
  2. Reach out to tons of people I know. Rather than reaching out to a multitude of people haphazardly, focus on building genuine relationships with those who align with your career goals. Attend industry events, engage in meaningful conversations, and share insights to establish a solid network that supports your aspirations.
  3. Make sure I am always up-skilling and sharing that appropriately. Regularly share your newfound knowledge through thought-provoking articles, presentations, or webinars, showcasing your expertise and eagerness to contribute to the field’s advancement.
  4. Leverage every recruiter I can find.
  5. Apply to the company, not just the role, waiting for HR or someone to call me back.
  6. Change my mindset. I am always a free agent and worthy of the high-end of the market rate until someone proves me wrong.

The journey to leveling up in sales is a dynamic and multifaceted endeavor. By skillfully combining both skilling up and cultivating connections, you position yourself for a more enriching and rewarding sales career. Remember, the sales landscape thrives on adaptability and innovation, so stay open to embracing new strategies and approaches as you work towards your goals.

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