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Sales is a science, not an art

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A lot of people may and probably will disagree with me, which is fine, I think it’s a healthy debate.

It used to be, and in some circles still is, that the sales reps are known for having “the gift for gab”, being a “conversational Cyrano de Bergerac”, or a “connoisseur of conversation”, whatever.

But ultimately that “art” is 100% rooted in science. That science is called psychology or psychiatry.

How people make decisions is not an art, it’s a psychology that has been talked about for decades. Understanding the science of human behavior and decision making is what’s behind this artificial art form people call sales.

Whether we are inside sales reps, field reps or customer success reps, one thing I have noticed consistently, we tend to be behind the curve a bit.

Marketing has always been ahead of us when it comes to research and data (the science of sales) to drive customers’ behaviors.  Fortunately, over the last few years sales teams and sales operations, and some very smart sales entrepreneurs teams have helped us crack the science of sales code with the sales stack.

We are just now beginning to better track and measure the “science” of what makes someone respond via email, phone call, text message, swiping left or right, etc…

Remember, the essence of sales is not to convince someone to buy your product or service, its to help them realize their life will be easier, better, etc. by utilizing your product or service, and that my friends, is psychology.

Share your thoughts below. Is sales a science or an art?

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