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The Perfect SDR to AE Handoff


sdr to ae handoffNo matter how many companies we speak with or inside sales teams we coach one of the biggest questions we get at The Harris Consulting Group is “What are the best practices for SDR/BDR to AE lead handoff?”

In fact during a recent conversation with Steve Richard of VorsightBP we were comparing notes on this subject and Steve asked if we would do a guest blog post for VorsightBP. Of course, we said yes! In reality, when somone asks this question there are actually three questions wrapped in one:

  1. How does one “physically” hand-off the lead?
  2. What criteria is required before handing off to an AE?
  3. When the lead is handed off is it still a lead, is it an opportunity or is it a “qualified opportunity”?

For the purpose of this post we wrote a response to the first question and have posted it here on VorsighBP’s blog.

Stay tuned for the other answers to the two other questions posed by this response. In fact, you should sign up for our blog in general so you don’t have to worry about coming back and looking for it.

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