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What ADHD and Sales Have in Common


As the father of a child with ADHD, and having it myself, I am always looking for suggestions to help. 

I ran across the following and thought, “Wow, this is perfect for salespeople.”. 

My mantra is that you have to earn the right to ask questions and know which questions to ask and when, and how to do it. The following advice from Dr. Barkley (no, not that Barkley) will help you approach conversations once you’ve earned the right to ask.

  1. Act don’t yak.
  2. The more you blather, the more you natter.
  3. The more you nag, the less influence you have.
  4. Stop thinking one more sentence will tip the scales in your favor.

    • If you can just say it “one more time”, they still might not get it.
    • If you say it the 20th time and have your fingers crossed behind your back, chances are they still will not be on board.
  5. I add this last point for the parents with ADHD kids. Dr. Barkley also suggests that you say it once and that a gentle touch on the arm or over their shoulder will help. For others, touching is definitely not suggested or recommended.

Whether you’ve earned the right to ask questions or not yet, take this advice regardless of ADHD or not. It’s invaluable for everyone in sales.

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