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Where Negotiation Skills Training Often Fails

If you think your team needs "Negotiation Skills" Training, you could be making the biggest mistake EVER! First, people don't define what they mean by "Negotiation Skills" when it comes to sales training. Here is how to better define it, and be careful of buzz words. At the end of negotiation training, we want the team to be better at ___, ____, and ____. (Hint: Cannot be "closing more deals") Here are some examples. I have seen when it comes to negotiation training, it often means doing a better job of qualifying and discovery. The tactics in negotiations are many times the same in qualifying: How to use open/closed-ended questions, Psychological Mirroring, Emotional Labeling, earning [...]

Where Negotiation Skills Training Often Fails2019-08-27T19:38:44+00:00

How to choose a tool for your sales stack

8 Tips for selecting any tool or service to support your organization. Applies to #sales, #marketing, #engineering, #HumanResources The success of adoption and usability by your end users (internal or external) relies on a strong input BEFORE selecting the tool. 1. At the end of implementing _____, we expect our team to be better at ____, ____ and ____. 2. We will define success as a change in the following metrics/ kpis ____, _____, and _____. 3. We hold these truths to be self-evident. 3a. Some metrics and KPIs may increase others may decrease 3b. A decrease in quantity may could lead to an improvement in quality (which is good) 3c. We have baseline metrics [...]

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How my lifelong struggle with depression became my superpower

Originally published by UNcrushed “ON THE OUTSIDE, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WRONG? YET ON THE INSIDE, EVERYTHING WAS WRONG” It was March 2001. I woke up in my bed completely paralyzed. I could barely move; tears were streaming down my face. That was my low point. That’s when I accepted my depression. I had always been depressed, I just never did anything about it. I was single and could afford to live in a 1 bedroom apartment in Pacific Heights in San Francisco with a parking garage. I was working for one of the coolest publications in San Francisco as the Director of Sales and running an inside sales team, I could get into any [...]

How my lifelong struggle with depression became my superpower2019-05-16T15:32:05+00:00

#MarketingIsDead and here’s how I know

Th single biggest mistake I encounter at Dreamforce and every other conference. Everyone showcases "themselves" and frankly nobody gives a shit. Your backdrops talk about what you do and never talks about what pains you solve. Same thing for your booth presence. I walked up to 25 booths and asked people, "What pain you solve?" 25 out of 25 couldn't answer the question. All I got was mumbo-jumbo buzzwords. When people ask me what I do, I don't tell them what I do, I tell them what pain I solve. It's not rocket science, people. Let me be more clear... Your AI claim doesn't mean jack-squat Your algorhythm is worthless Your value prop is shameful, [...]

#MarketingIsDead and here’s how I know2019-02-08T21:47:00+00:00