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MQL and Lead Scoring definitions are broken

bottom view. business team folding puzzle pieces

For too long Sales has been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to revenue. It’s time that Marketing have a real goal and real revenue targets.

Here is one way to fix it on the MQL side that will encourage greater parity where Sales and Marketing work together and treated equally.

Tier 1 – 1 point – Demo Requests And Contact Us = 1 point
Tier 2 – .25 points – All others = .25 points. This includes White Paper Downloads, Workbooks downloads, Trade show leads, etc. Essentially anything that is not an actual meeting.
Tier 3 – .75 points, any Tier 2 that becomes a meeting.

This allows for the accountability of the marketing team to generate higher qualified leads.

As for revenue. Marketing should be tied to the revenue number as well.

Proposed Comp Plan for Marketing…

1. A point system is established as shown from the above tiers. The fairness comes in when a Tier 2 converts to a Tier one and is weighted as an incentive.

2. Revenue – Tied to the whole number or a % of the number as it works for the company.

BTW, this will also support having the BDR/SDR team report to marketing with a strong Sales Manager taking the helm.

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