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The President’s Club in 2021

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The President’s Club, the much sought after trip for top sales professionals to relax and revel in their success. In 2020, that idea looked a lot different. And now that 2020 is dragging on into 2021, it’s time to start planning what President’s Club looks like in 2021.


  1. Delaying all trips until September 2021, often taking advantage of the Labor Day week, can be slower.
  2. Yes, they are still planning for January/February 2022 for the 2021 President’s Club to incentivize the end of the year.


  1. The idea of a salesperson, and their significant other, getting 2 trips in 4 months is very incentivizing.
  2. More companies are allowing SDRs/BDRs to go on President’s Club as well because it builds trust, loyalty, and can extend the rep staying in the role a bit longer if 2 trips are on the line.
    1. Some companies are allowing SDR/BDRs to “win” if they get promoted in that time, but that requires some unique planning.

Legal Issues

    1. As for COVID, the most anyone can do is ask someone to sign a waiver that the company is not responsible if they get COVID.
    2. Most companies require a waiver anyway.
    3. In the case that you CANNOT ask someone if they had the vaccine, there could be massive HIPPA concerns around this, so check with legal.
    4. Be sure you check with your own insurance companies and legal team on these trips.
    5. If someone does not want to go, then offer equal cash value to them or a big travel gift card so they can take a trip when they feel comfortable.

Good and Inexpensive Travel Insurance and Reimbursements

  1. Many places are allowing for cancellation with little or no fees on your deposit up until May/June.
    1. Be sure you check this and print out anything you see on a website, just in case.
  2. For Surf & Sales,we suggest (not require) people to buy an inexpensive travel insurance policy from World Nomads Travel Insurance, and check carefully about pandemic language.
    1. As an example, a January trip to Costa Rica for a week is $71-$114 depending on the chosen plan.

I’m not a legal scholar, health professional, or insurance specialist. Take this all under advisement and do your own research. If I were running a sales team, I would be leaning heavily on having trips planned and adjust as necessary. I would also work on building a culture around everyone having a revenue innovator mindset. Contact us here if you have additional questions.

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