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Sales Closing and Forecasting Best Practices


In the next few months it’s going to be all about better sales closing and forecasting. We believe these are the most critical pieces of information when it comes to having an accurate sale forecast and ensuring your sales team has earned the right to ask these questions. 

The less you have of the following information, the less accurate your sales forecast will be. Make sure you do your homework and do all of the following:

  1. Understand all competitors (internal and external)
  2. Define the buying committee members 
  3. Define the skeptics on the buying committee
  4. Capture the concerns of the skeptics
  5. Address skeptics concerns appropriately
  6. Understand the whole approval process 
  7. Understand how long an approval process normally takes
  8. Understand who will give verbal approval
  9. Understand who will give financial approval
  10. Understand the whole legal process
  11. Understand how long the average legal process takes
  12. Understand who are the people involved in the legal process

If you need additional guidance on closing and how to go about these best practices, check out our sales training program or schedule a time to chat here.

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